The Wizard of OzAlyssa Lodge


The wizard of Oz is a journey in which the hero, Dorothy, runs away from home in order to search for her heart's desire, but she finds that through a series of difficult tasks, new allies and enemies, and a very wise mentor, that everything she has ever wanted was right in front of her at home with her friends and her family in Kansas.

Dorothy's Journey


Ordinary World

This clip is a representation of Dorothy's ordinary world. She lives on a farm in Kansas with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry and spends her days with her family and her dog trying to find something to do, wishing that she could get away and experience new things "Over the Rainbow."

Call to Adventure

In this clip, Miss Gulch is on her way to take away Toto, which causes Dorothy to have the courage to runaway. Toto escapes out of the basket of Miss Gulch's bike, and once he finds his way home, Dorothy packs up and her and Toto run away from home.

Refusal of Call

After Dorothy's first attempt at escaping her farm in Kansas, she meets Professor Marvel. Dorothy ends up trying to refuse the call and return home to Auntie Em after she is under the impression that Auntie Em is very sick. Still, it is fate that Dorothy leaves home, so the cyclone acts as the Herald (event that brings hero to adventure).

Crossing the First Threshold

Dorothy crosses the threshold when the cyclone carries her to Oz. The cyclone brings Dorothy into a colorful, bright world, compared to her dull, boring life in Kansas and sets up a whole new adventure for Dorothy.

Meeting the Mentor

Dorothy meets her mentor right after she crosses the first threshold. Glinda, the good witch of the north, is the mentor that guides Dorothy through her journey in Oz. Glinda's first task to help Dorothy through her journey is giving Dorothy the ruby slippers. Throughout the journey, Glinda also helps Dorothy through the poppy field and teaches Dorothy how to use the magic from the ruby slippers at the end.


Road of Trials

Meeting of the Enemy:

After Dorothy lands in Oz, she quickly meets her enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West. When Dorothy's house fell, it landed on The Wicked Witch of the West's sister, who cruelly ruled over the munchkins. Glinda gives Dorothy the ruby slippers that belonged to the witch she killed, and the Wicked Witch of the West was not happy about that at all, and so Dorothy makes an enemy.

Meeting of an ally:

After Dorothy meets several allies (the munchkins, the scarecrow, and the tin man), she meets her last close ally, the Lion. These four friends travel together through Oz and the scarecrow, tin man and lion all help Dorothy as allies so that they all can get something from the Wizard.

Example of a test:

The poppy field is an example of one of the tests that the four friends must pass in order to make it to the Wizard. The Wicked Witch poisons them with a field of poppies so that they won't make it to the Emerald City. Other examples of tests are the Witch almost setting the scarecrow on fire, the evil apple trees and sticking to the proper path of the yellow brick road.


Dorothy hits a major setback when the Wizard demands the Wicked Witch's broomstick before he will even consider granting them their wishes. This requires the four friends to set out on an expedition to the Wicked Witch's castle, no matter what the consequences-- stakes heighten.

Ordeal/ Apotheosis & Reward

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Dorothy's biggest life or death crisis is getting trapped in the room in the castle of the Wicked Witch. The witch sets an hour glass, and once time runs out, Dorothy's life is over. Thankfully, Dorothy's friends save her just in the nick of time and they end up throwing water on the Wicked Witch, causing her to melt and therefore, they acquire the broomstick that the wizard sent them to get. Dorothy returns with a strong will to carry out her journey after she defeats the Wicked Witch and she is encouraged to do so ever since she saw Auntie Em in the crystal ball while locked in the castle. This causes Dorothy to see that home is everything she could ever want and all she wants to do is get back to her family.


The Road Back

The Wizard, after he is revealed to be simply human, tells Dorothy that he is also originally from Kansas and was brought to Oz by a runaway hot air balloon. He offers Dorothy a ride home in the same balloon.


Toto jumps out of the hot air balloon at the last second, and Dorothy follows him. The hot air balloon is released and they can't get it back down in order to get Dorothy back on, therefore Dorothy is still stuck in Oz. Glinda appears and tells her she has always been able to return home, she just needed to learn for herself that she doesn't need to runaway from home and her loved ones in order to find her heart's desire.

Return with the Elixir

"There's no place like home" and Dorothy tells her family that she can't think of anything better than being with them.